Thanks for a great training session!


Hello Bicom users!

The Bicom USA team would like to thank everyone who came to out training event this past weekend. We had a great turnout and enjoyed meeting everyone who attended.

We were especially excited that Dr. Cassandra was able to fly over and teach everyone her tried-and-true methods for bioresonance treatment!

For news about future training seminars and sessions, sign up for our mailing list by filling out the form on our Contact Us page, or check back on our Community page soon!

Bicom Bioresonance hosted a training session at the heaadquarters near Washington, DC. Current holistic therapists and alternaive veterinarians attended the training to learn more about biocommunication and biophyiscal response methods for therapy and treatment. The Bicom USA team hopes to see everyone again soon!

Thank you again to everyone who attended and made the event great! We encourage anyone with questions or suggestions for our next event to contact us at


Horse Test Kit: Special Promotion


Hello Bicom users!

We are excited to announce a special promotion on CTT test sets for equine use: 15% off for a limited time only!

Bicom bioresonance devices can be used as part of a holistic veterinary medicine, traditional veterinary medicine, or alternative veterinary medicine treatment plan. Test kits for the Bicom biocommunication device are now 15% off for a limited time. Biocommunication is a project of Galaxy health Technology, LLC.

The test kits are usually $780, and are now only $663. Click the button below to download the test kit details (types of ampoules, procedures for therapy, etc).


Please email us at to place an order.


Training Seminar December 2018


Hello Bicom users!

We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving last week. We spent the week organizing the last Bicom basic training seminar of the year, which will be held in our new office space!

Bicom bioresonance device training will be offered in Bethesda, MD (Near Washington DC) this december. Training is offered for practitioners across Americas, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America. Biocommunication is a project of Galaxy health Technology, LLC.

We’ll be welcoming several new Bicom users (and prospective users!) and will be joined by our wonderful Dr. Cassandra, who will instruct on several topics including:

- Basic principles of the Bicom method & general use of the device
- Clinical studies
- Features of the Bicom device (therapy parameters and therapy modules)
- Diagnosis and treatment of allergies
- Pain management 
- Musculoskeletal disorders
- Strengthening of the immune system
- Financial aspects and purchase depreciation

These are just some of the topics that will be covered in the seminar.

We hope you’ll join us!


AHVMA Conference & Updates


Hi Bicom users!

We were very excited to meet some old and new users and friends at our booth at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association annual conference this year!

We learned a lot from everyone who stopped by and got to share some updates about our new Bicom Optima Plus machines.

We even brought some furry friends, Sweetie and Buddy, and they relaxed and spent time with us while receiving Bicom treatment. Sweetie was especially happy:

Sweetie the cat received Bicom Bioresonance therapy during the American Holistic Veterinary Association’s 2018 conference. Bicom bioresonance Treatment made her feel relaxed and happy, and has been part of her holistic veterinary treatment program for many years. Biocommunication is a project of Galaxy health Technology, LLC.

Since the conference ended, we’ve been hard at work making more connections in the veterinary community around the country and the world. We’ve been preparing some exciting things that will be coming your way soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

We hope to see you all at next year’s conference!