Bicom Therapy for Chronic Seizures: Zachry's Story

Bicom patients and their veterinarians use the therapy for many different reasons, including chronic problems that have been plaguing the patient for long periods of time. Bicom therapy is able to get to the bottom of chronic problems and help patients finally feel like themselves again. Used in conjunction with mainstream medicine or therapy, Bicom can be the missing piece that can finally help resolve your most challenging cases. Read on to see how Bicom therapy helped Zachry, a 2 year old Golden Retriever.

“I got my dog back.”

Zachry the golden retriever (representation)

Zachry the golden retriever (representation)

Zachry the Golden Retriever, 2 years old


Zachry had a history of idiopathic epilepsy, hypothyroidism, cluster seizures, and chronic diarrhea when he was referred to Dr. Downey of Holistic Animal Healing Clinic. His symptoms had been kept under control by Phenobarbital and Soloxine in the past, but by the time his owner brought him to Dr. Downey, the medicines were not having the same effect and the owner was even considering euthanasia due to his deteriorating condition.

Dr. Downey began a detoxification regimen, starting with homeopathy, homotoxicology, and Vitamin C. She reduced his Phenobarbital prescription, prescribed a thyroid strengthening medication, and gave him acupuncture, and on the second visit (7 days after the first) initiated Bicom treatment. Dr. Downey ran Bicom programs aimed at basic detoxification and stabilization of the nervous system.

After the second visit, Zachry came back 12 days later for another Bicom treatment. In between sessions he had no seizures and no diarrhea, and was even running around and playing. Treatments continued monthly, and Zachry had only one grand mal seizure and one petit mal seizure within 5 months of treatment.

The owner summarizes her experience: “It was such a dramatic change. It was like a miracle. Bicom made a huge difference… I got my dog back.”